Digital Signal Processing: Signals, Systems, and Filters

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Solutions of End-of-Chapter Problems

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Chapter Download Solutions
1 Introducton to Signal Processing No end-of-chapter problems
2 The Fourier Series and Fourier Transform Chapter 2 Solutions
3 The z Transform Chapter 3 Solutions
4 Discrete-Time Systems Chapter 4 Solutions
5 Application of the z Transform Chapter 5 Solutions
6 The Sampling Process Chapter 6 Solutions
7 The Discrete Fourier Transform Chapter 7 Solutions
8 Realization of Digital Filters Chapter 8 Solutions
9 Design of Nonrecursive (FIR) Filters Chapter 9 Solutions
10 Approximations for Analog Filters Chapter 10 Solutions
11 Design of Recursive (IIR) Filters Chapter 11 Solutions
12 Design of Recursive (IIR) Filters Satisfying
Prescribed Specifications
Chapter 12 Solutions
13 Random Signals Chapter 13 Solutions
14 Finite Word-Length Effects Chapter 14 Solutions
15 Design of Nonrecursive (FIR) Filters
Using Optimization
Chapter 15 Solutions
16 Design of Recursive (IIR) Filters
Using Optimization
Chapter 16 Solutions
17 Realization of Wave Digital Filters Chapter 17 Solutions
18 Digital Signal Processing Applications Chapter 18 Solutions

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