Digital Signal Processing: Signals, Systems, and Filters

About D-Filter

D-Filter is a multifaceted DSP software package that can be used to analyze, design, and realize digital filters, and also to analyze discrete-time signals.

  • It implements most of the classical methods for the design of nonrecursive (FIR) filters such as the Fourier series and Remez methods and includes the use of the window technique.
  • Implements the bilinear transformation method for the design of recursive (IIR) filters and includes modules that can be used to design filters that would satisfy arbitrary prescribed specifications.
  • Includes the standard realization methods that would enable the user to obtain cascade and parallel direct canonic, state-space, and wave lattice digital-filter structures.
  • Provides functions that obtain the roots of polynomials, zero-pole plots, and partial fractions.
  • Its modular top-down architecture and powerful graphical interface enable the user to study and visualize many DSP phenomena such as the effect of coefficient quantization.
  • Saves data in the form of standardized data structures that enable the user to repeat or double-check the results obtained at every stage of the design process.
  • Can be used by students to interactively learn the fundamentals of DSP and digital-filter design.
  • Can also be used by engineers and scientitists for real-life applications and research projects.

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