Digital Signal Processing: Signals, Systems, and Filters


  1. Introduction to Digital Signal Processing
  2. The Fourier Series and Fourier Transform
  3. The z Transform
  4. Discrete-Time Systems
  5. Application of the z Transform
  6. The Sampling Process
  7. The Discrete Fourier Transform
  8. Realization of Digital Filters
  9. Design of Nonrecursive (FIR) Filters
  10. Approximations for Analog Filters
  11. Design of Recursive (IIR) Filters
  12. Design of Recursive (IIR) Filters Satisfying Prescribed Specifications
  13. Random Signals
  14. Finite Word-Length Effects
  15. Design of Nonrecursive (FIR) Filters Using Optimization
  16. Design of Recursive (IIR) Filters Using Optimization
  17. Realization of Wave Digital Filters
  18. Digital Signal Processing Applications


  1. Complex Analysis
  2. Elliptic Functions

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