Digital Signal Processing: Signals, Systems, and Filters


  • Treats the subject of transform theory in a unified and integrated way and delineates the interrelations that exist among the various transforms as well as the spectral interrelations between continuous- and discrete-time signals.
  • Describes practical methods that can be used to design FIR and IIR digital filters through closed-form as well as iterative methods based on optimization theory.
  • Provides a summary of the prerequisite knowledge of complex analysis in an appendix.
  • Treats the effects of finite word length in great detail.
  • Deals with the Fourier transform in a new practical, yet fairly rigorous, way.
  • Covers wave digital filters.
  • Solutions of end-of-chapter problems are available at this website - see Support Materials.
  • The textbook is supported by DSP software package D-Filter which can be download from this website by owners of the book - see About D-Filter.

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