Describes practical methods for the design of FIR and IIR digital filters through analytical as well as optimization methods. → → →
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New Edition
A new edition of the book is currently in production and will be published in January 2018 under the title Digital Filters: Analysis, Design, and Signal Processing Applications. Some of the enhancements of the new edition are as follows:
  • Like previous textbooks by the author, the new edition is strongly focused on the design, analysis, and applications of digital filters.
  • New state-of-the-art material has been added including several new design methods and comparative analyses that have not been published before.
  • Dated material has been removed.
  • More emphasis is placed on practical methodologies and many of the more theoretical aspects of the subject have been removed.
  • More emphasis is placed on the use of MATLAB for the analysis, design, and implementation of digital filters.
  • The material has been reorganized to provide a more natural flow of the underlying principles, techniques, design methods, and algorithms.