Digital Signal Processing: Signals, Systems, and Filters


Long regarded as the bible of digital-filter analysis and design and the place to find easy, efficient, and optimal solutions for the filtering application at hand, this enduring classic on digital filters has been thoroughly restructured and expanded into a state-of-the-art volume on digital signal processing.

The new textbook starts with the basics of signal analysis and spectral representation, it then moves on to the fundamentals of discrete-time system theory, and in due course it tackles digital-filter design, the hallmark of the previous editions. A new appendix provides all the necessary mathematics for the student who has not had the chance to learn the prerequisite mathematics and it is just as handy as a reference or refresher for the student who has done so. The rather extensive coverage of this textbook makes it suitable for junior/senior as well as graduate level courses.

Like its predecessors, the new textbook deals with the principles involved in an easy and often unique style. Theories, techniques, methods, and algorithms are supported by numerous examples and MATLAB illustrations and dozens of end-of-chapter problems. This edition is also supported by the author's software package D-Filter which will, on the one hand, facilitate students to learn the fundamentals of DSP in an interactive way and will, on the other, enable engineers and scientists to design digital filters of professional quality.

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